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On the eve of her little sister's birthday party, a young woman suffering from spells of guilt-induced sleep paralysis is walked through the memories of her own miserable existence.

Festival Entries:

2023: Melbourne Lift-Off Film Festival

2023: New York International Films Infest Festival

2023: Lowestoft Film Festival

2023: Amsterdam Lift-Off Film Festival

2023: Brighton Rocks Interational Film Festival

2023: Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions

2023: Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival

2023: First-Time Filmmaker Sessions

Starring:  Hannah Wood,  Sienna Chandler, Kia Wilson


Director: Kearin Green

Produced by: Freya Marley

Cinematographer: Phoebe David

Writer & Production Design: James Weekes

Editor: Raju Choudhury

Sound: Bethany Blackford

1st AC: Freya Le Roux

Special Effects Makeup: Layla White

Script Supervisor: Erin Sian Thomas

Production Assistant: Aidan Vind

Graphic Design: Clémence Agenet

Music: Lucas Somner

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