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Based in the South East of England, James Weekes is an aspiring British filmmaker working in the art department & social media. With a degree in Film Production from the University of Portsmouth, he is focusing on expanding his experience in set dressing and social media marketing for film and television. He is also the co-founder and director of Houseplant Productions, a production company focusing on short form and music content, made by up-and-coming filmmakers.


May 2024: Art Department Assistant - 'In His Name'

Jan 2023 - Dec 2023: Concert Photographer - Melophile Media

Oct 2023: Director & Producer - 'Coach Party: Live at Wedgewood Rooms'



March 2024: Costume Designer - Wildfire’

February 2024: Production Designer & Costume Designer - In This Moment’

 March 2023: 1st Assistant Director - ‘Last Call in Soul City’

March 2023: Set Decorater, Set Photographer & Graphic Designer - ‘The Trial’

 March 2023: Writer & Production Designer - ‘Atonia’


Easy Life & CJ Pandit | Melophile Media

CLEWS, Annie Hamilton & Maella | Melophile Media

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