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A short psychological thriller that follows single mother Ella as she tries to escape her captor, a sinister doctor, while she drifts in and out of reality.

Starring:  Charlotte Barnes, David Bulley, Luke Feechan, Colin Blyth, Suzanne Anderson (voice)


Director: Imogen Anderson

Written by: Aaron Mack

Director of Photography: Stephen Peers

Produced by: Imogen Anderson & Stephen Peers

Production Design & Costume Design: Stephanie Lucas

Gaffer: Justin Comley

Sound Recordists: Reece Berry, Phoebe David, Sophie Brennan & Izi Graham

Editors: Stephen Peers & Callum Pilling

Sound Mixers: Ethan Lunt & Corey White

Colourists: Justin Comley & Stephen Peers

Set Decorater, Set Photographer & Graphic Designer: James Weekes

Runners: Callum Pilling, Ethan Lunt, Jack Hebditch, Megan Lyons & Harrison Thomas

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